Shopping List

Several times, I've mentioned my "shopping list" in reference to Aaron Tap's website. The funny thing is, I actually do have a music shopping list. You know, a list of new (and old) things that have tickled my fancy that I want to own one day. I can't possibly just jump and buy every single thing that turns my crank at that moment (although I have been doing just that at an alarming rate lately), so I keep a little list going and add to it and take away from it as my mood and desire to listen to different things changes.

To be honest, I have two lists. One is things that I want all on my own. I have discovered these artists through friends' suggestions and through my own endless search for good shit. My second list are intriguing things that Matt Nathanson has suggested on his (less frequent these days, it seems) #morningrecords posts on twitter and his blog. These are secondary, just stuff I'll check out if I come across them in a used bin or have an urge to try something different.

My List (in no order whatsoever):
Betty Goo - Superchthonic (the search for this one has been on for some time now, but I refuse to give up! - You guys!! I totally found it!! And some dude in PA is a little richer for having parted this fool with her money, but I still think I got the better end of that deal)
- I may be looking for something else by Betty Goo, but I've promised not to mention it anymore
Aaron Tap - Bronchitis (another cassette release...I have a feeling that for this and Betty Goo I'll have to wait until he and PK have a yard sale and I'll fly 3,000 miles to buy them for $0.50 each off a card table - HOLY SHIT I TOTALLY OWN THIS NOW!!!!!  If my house catches on fire, I will grab this cassette, my Husband, my dogs and my cat...IN THAT ORDER.)
Simon and Garfunkel - Sounds of Silence; Parley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme; Bookends; Bridge Over Troubled Water
Madi Diaz - Plastic Moon
Throwing Muses - The Real Ramona
Ingrid Michaelson - Girls and Boys
Carbon Leaf - Nothing Rhymes with Woman
Green River Ordinance - The Morning Passengers (Acoustic Sessions), Wait a Minute More
Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers - Gift Horse
Wylie Hunter and the Cazadores - Wylie Hunter and the Cazadores
My Morning Jacket - Evil Urges
Matt Nathanson - Ernst, Not Colored Too Perfect
Jesse Macht - Where is Lerone Kamara, and the new EP coming out this fall (I think...hopefully it'll be sooner!)
Butch Walker - I Liked It Better When You Had No Heart
The Head and The Heart - The Head and The Heart
Smashing Pumpkins - Gish
The Black Keys - Rubber Factory, Magic Potion
The Commuters - Release
Train - California 37
Matchbox Twenty - North
Jon Palmer and the New Complainers - anything they release in the future is on my list
Matt MacKelcan - Slow Down
Max Lugavere - One Year Later
Paula Kelley - Some Sucker's Life, Pt. 1
The Lisa Parade - Finding Flora
Slow Car Crash - Intermission
Danny Rasmussen - Luna
Mercy James - The Best Of
Shauna Sweeney - Catch the Light
Matt Bunsen - Greatest Hits
Queen - Queen, Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack, News of the World, Jazz, The Game, Flash Gordon (meh), Hot Space (meh), The Works, A Kind of Magic, The Miracle, Innuendo
"Morning Records" List (I have a couple other things on this list, but these are the ones I'm most interested in):
The Afghan Whigs - Black Love
Dr. Dog - Shame, Shame; Be the Void
Bob Dylan - Oh Mercy
Florence + the Machine - Ceremonials (maybe...I'm not sold on this one yet)
Grateful Dead - American Beauty
Ben Harper - Welcome to the Cruel World
The Hooters - One Way Home
PJ Harvey - Dry
The Kinks - State of Confusion
Laura Marling - A Creature I Don't Know
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Henry's Dream
Wall of Voodoo - Call of the West
Regina Spektor - Live in London, Begin to Hope

Now I have my list here, so when I lose the sticky notes that contain this information (that I use as bookmarks), I won't be devastated. If you own any of these records and love them (or loathe them, for that matter) or if you have any suggestions for things I should add to these lists, I'd love to hear from you! And as always, I'll let you know what I think as I come to own these babies.

Edit: a strikethrough means that I own it now...not that I don't want it anymore.