Who Is She?

First and foremost, a music fan (perhaps a tad obsessively...but admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?).  Also a wife (of over 16 years), mother to 2 dogs and 1 cat, do-it-yourselfer, writer, traveler (when possible), lover of all things new and different.  I've turned 29 enough times that I'm probably going to have to give it up next year...or the year after. 

I drive slowly past farms with bad fences.  I break for wooly worms and birds.  I won't walk under a ladder.  I won't get up (or lay down) if the last number on the clock is a "3".  I believe in magik and a good day is when you get to witness some.  Even if all the rest of them are perfect, the nail polish on the index finger of my right hand is always messed up, at least a little bit.  Also, I hate chocolate ice cream - I see no logical explanation for its existence.

I use the words "totally", "awesome", "amazing" and "love" entirely too much, but when something is totally awesome and amazing and I love it, what else is there to say?  Oddly enough, my favorite (family-friendly) word of all is "Andromeda" - unfortunately for me, it doesn't come up in conversation very often (unless of course, you're discussing deep space or Greek Mythology).  If I ever had a daughter (and if my Husband was as nuts as me) I'd totally name her Andromeda. 

I have a tendency to get hung up on a single artist for a while.  This most recent run has a few years so far with no end in sight.  Still, I manage to weave some new (to me) things into my play lists just to keep things interesting.  Although I admit, when I'm hung up on someone, listening to anyone else feels a bit like cheating. 

I work in public accounting, which pays the bills, but to stay sane, I fill in the blanks with things that are a bit more soul-nourishing.  I always wanted to be a writer - life (and a need actually pay bills) got in the way of that I guess.  I'm in the process of writing a book (who isn't?) - the greatest thing ever would be to get paid for it.

My favorite thing on earth is live music.  Especially when it's music I already really love.  It just has a way of transporting me outside of myself and making me be more in-the-moment than anything else - simultaneously - which is pretty sweet.  There is beauty in allowing yourself to be moved by music - the sound of it, the lyrics, the emotion - and nowhere is it easier to be swept up in than at a live show.  And I also just really enjoy actually watching the musicians do their thing.  To me, watching talented fingers move around on a guitar guided by heart and muscle memory is really a strangely serene and beautiful thing.

I have recently started collecting vinyl (see the My Vinyl page to see what I have so far), and Santa was nice enough to bring me a turntable so now I can actually listen to them!!  The first one to go for a spin was (of course) Matt Nathanson's Modern Love from about 2:15 - 3:15AM December 26, 2011 (because Christmas ran long and I could not go to sleep until I had the thing operational and had listened to that particular record).  It was incredible.

I have this blog because I love music passionately - especially that with really good lyrics.  I like them when they're catchy, I like them when they're unexpected (in a good way), but I love them when they're meaningful and crafty and clever.  I love the progression of a song, the swell of it, the way it permeates a room and fills the crevices.  I love how it ebbs and flows and how it can be a tangible thing - how you can move around inside it and it can move around inside you.  And I love to talk about it, write about it, experience it.