Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dr. Dog - Be the Void

EDIT: Obviously I intended this to be a full album review like others I've written. I was going to go into detail about the songs and how the band went back to their home studio and self-produced this one after a departure from their usual formula on Shame, Shame and all that. But I started writing it before I had wrapped my mind around the album and, then I got distracted and when I finally came back to finish it, after reading it, I think it's pretty complete just the way it is. So here you go...

Album: Be the Void
Artist: Dr. Dog
Release: 2012

Some time ago Matt Nathanson mentioned Dr. Dog's album Shame, Shame as one of his "morning records".  I added it to the list of things I'd like to have but didn't give it much more thought.  At the time, I wasn't familiar with Dr. Dog.  So one day I came across Be the Void at Joe's Records.  It's kind of uncommon these days for me to buy an album I've never heard (especially on vinyl) but I decided to go for it.  Luckily for me, it came with a copy on CD too so I can literally listen to this record on any format I want to, anywhere I want to. Any time I want to. And I do, pretty much all the time. It has been my go-to record for a while now. It's so quirky, so unusual, so fucking perfect.

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