Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Craziness

Are you familiar with Jackyl?  I was going to refer to them as a 90's band until I discovered that they are actually still touring.  That's awesome.  If I'm actually going to listen to some Jackyl, I'll pick "Dirty Little Mind" - it's just a way better song, but for my purposes here, I've chosen "The Lumberjack". 

I mean, how many songs do you know that feature a chainsaw?  Is it a blues chainsaw?  A rhythm chainsaw?  Who can say? 

How's that for a little piece of 1992 weirdness??  I know you're dying to find out their tour schedule after that so here, I'll make it easy for you: (and yes, their URL really is "Rock Me, Roll Me, Jackyl Me Off"...hahahaha!

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