Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ryan Schmidt - "November 15"

When I first wrote about White Horse I mentioned that I'd like to hear "November 15" without the guy that's harmonizing with him on the record.  Nothing against that guy, I'm sure he's perfectly delightful and talented, I just don't need him on that song.  However, I never really expected to hear it, especially not so soon.  But, because sometimes life is kind of cool like that, Ryan Schmidt recently did some new videos that he's posting on Youtube and he included an acoustic, solo(!) version of this song. 

I would have just retweeted the link to the video but after listening to it several times, that just wasn't sufficient.  I'm blown away by this version of the song.  It's perfect.  the video is black and white, like the cover art, like the music itself.  It is stripped-down to it's most essential parts and wonderful and hauntingly beautiful.  Now I just have to get this version on my iPod and I'll be a happy girl.  Here, feast your ears upon it:

Oh and holy shit, check this out!  While cruising around Youtube I found this video of the same song from 2011 but with Micah harmonizing and it totally works!!  (Well except for the chattering, ice-clinking asshats in the background - how were they not struck silent??) I mean, I'm still all about the solo version above, but I wanted to share this one with you as well:

How much do you love it??

And, you're welcome.

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