Saturday, May 12, 2012

Strange Saturday

Since I've been back to work (yay!!) I've neglected my online duties.  You know, important stuff like reading my twitter timeline and postsecret and posting here of course!  Anyway, I'm trying to get back on track but I was distracted by not working and now I'm distracted by working.  I can't win.  Anyway, I'll get it all straightened out again eventually. 

My point is this, I missed Freaky Friday (much like I missed New Music Monday earlier this week), so today is going to have to be Strange Saturday.  I don't actually feel like this song is strange exactly, it's just kind of outside the ordinary.  Which, in general, I find to be a wonderful thing.  In fact, pretty much everything I've ever heard by The Kills has been out of the ordinary.  I like that about them.  My favorite song by The Kills is "U.R.A. Fever" which you've heard if you've seen that movie The Losers (hilarious - watch it).  But today I'm going with "Sour Cherry".  This song is just...well...different.  Check it:

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