Saturday, December 3, 2011

"Modern Love" - Live at The Cannery Ballroom

At the urging of my niece (who thinks that he makes "beautiful music") and because my sister has high speed internet and I don't and I just so happen to be at her house tonight, I finally give you my video of Matt Nathanson (and band) performing "Modern Love" - November 5, 2011
The Cannery Ballroom, Nashville, TN

Sorry for the poor picture quality, I wasn't looking at the phone at all while I filmed this.  Also, sorry it cuts off abruptly, I was too 'in the moment' to be concerned about that (now, of course, I wish I had the entire concert filmed!!) I just wanted to capture a little bit of it to keep for when my memory fails me (which happens a lot!).

By the way, "and band" consists of:
Aaron Tap - guitar (check this guy out - *super* talented in his own right)
Shiben Bhattacharya - bass (good grief, I hope I spelled that right!!)
Konrad Meissner - drums
James Farrell - keyboards


  1. Hello there! Found you through Aaron Tap's Tweet. Love your writings/blogs. Just had to say that I was at Cannery Ballroom that night too! It was an awesome show! I recorded this song too, lol, it was the only I taped and I feel the same way about recording the whole thing!
    Samantha Lee

  2. Thank you so much!!

    I'm taking my sister and brother-in-law to the next show, they are big time picture/video takers, so I'll be counting on them!! :-)