Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jesse Macht - Love Is Another Drug

Album: Love Is Another Drug (single)
Artist: Jesse Macht
Release: February 22, 2011

Hey look, I finally got to something before it was a year old.  Yes, it's only 20 days shy of being out for a year, but still.

Anyway, this is another one that I found via Aaron Tap's website (you can find my shopping list here) and, once again, my music guru was right.  Here's what I ask from the singers I listen to: a) sing in tune, 2) don't sound like everyone else and c) move me.  Jesse Macht took a look at my list, crumpled it up, threw it in the trash and said, "Chill, I got this" (or, you know, something like that).  That last request on my list is what tends to keep me from being a true die-hard fan of a lot of people, but he got that one right too.

At the beginning of "Love Is Another Drug", his low growl is reminiscent of Leonard Cohen.  Well, I almost want to say it sounds kind of like Leonard Cohen's son or something...either way, I dig it.  But it isn't long before he moves on into his more comfortable, more Jesse Macht sounding voice and that's where I prefer him.  I love a voice that when I hear it, I know who it is.  The song starts out kind of low and quiet, but it builds into something wonderful that fills the space around you and inside your head. 

Throughout these three songs (since when is a "single" three songs?  I'm so out of touch!) he takes us on a journey through the ups and downs of relationships, life and following your dreams against the advice of the people in your life.  The songs are all full and engaging with big arrangements and background vocals and the whole nine yards.  It is all grounded with his pleasant, unique vocal and optimistic songwriting. 

He has another EP available on iTunes called Where Is Lerone Kamara and after listening to Love Is Another Drug, I can't wait to hear it.

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