Monday, February 27, 2012

New Music Monday

Album: As I Make My Way - EP
Artist: The Commuters
Release: August, 2011

These songs aren't incredibly new as they were released last August, but then again, they're the best kind of new because they're all tracks from their upcoming album Release which will come out April 17, 2012.  I don't remember where I heard about these guys or how I ended up with this EP (I'm assuming I downloaded here), but I do know that it sat in iTunes gathering virtual dust for quite a while before I ever got around to listening to it.  What a mistake!  In the original spirit of my New Music Mondays, I haven't listened to these songs very many times so this is a first impression, but I have listened to them enough to know that I like them, quite a lot actually. 

The first three, "As I Make My Way", "Fallen From Grace" and "Bombs Away" are largely guitar driven rock songs.  But that's not to say they all sound the same, not by any means.  "As I Make My Way" and "Bombs Away" are the kinds of songs you want to turn up and dance around the house to while "Fallen From Grace" has a more laid back, more introspective vibe.  Then they change it up all together with the piano based "You'll Stay Right Here" which I guess you could say is the ballad of this collection.  It's a very pretty song and the lead singer's vocals definitely hold up in this quiet song where they have nowhere to hide.  Overall, I'm really digging this little collection of songs and I'm looking forward to the full length album coming out in April.

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