Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Sing Me Sweet" - Headliners Music Hall - 02/24/2012

If you know me at all, you know that it is 100% amazing that I have actually uploaded a video from last night's concert already.  I never ever record anything, so I think it's remarkably steady, but it is quite narrow because clearly I did something wrong, sorry about that.  We all have my husband to thank for this little captured memory because he reminded me at some point during the show that I had said I wanted more pictures and at least one full song recorded - probably because I whined about not having much after the Nashville show.  (Thank you, Hon!)

So here are the guys performing "Sing Me Sweet", enjoy!


  1. Did you take the video with your phone? If so you should have held it sideways so it would record in landscape mode ;)

    1. Well, I took it with my husband's phone - so that just strengthens his argument that I should get my own iPhone so I can learn how to use it for this very occassion! LOL

    2. Okay, well then yeah ... when shooting video with an iPhone or any Android phone you want to hold the phone in landscape mode and not portrait mode. That is, if you want your video to look you know ... normal ;)