Monday, February 6, 2012

New Music Monday

I have been listening to a ton of new music lately; so much so that I kind of feel like I'm neglecting some old favorites.  I'll have to rectify that situation soon, but for now I'm really enjoying finding new artists and expanding my collection.  This week I'm going to share a few new albums that I've come to own recently.  A couple of these are new to the world, a couple aren't, but they are all new to me, so maybe they will be to you too!

Thickfreakness - The Black Keys
I was coerced into buying this album by my husband who is really coming into his music-nerd own with his fondness for The Black Keys.  Besides having possibly my favorite title ever, Thickfreakness is just gritty and dirty and wonderful.  No way does this sound like two relatively young white boys.  It is much more like an old African American man who has seen it all and done it all and is ripping the stories of it all out of his gut for your listening pleasure.  If you have ever been there, this record will make you miss the shit out of New Orleans.  If you haven't been, it should make you want to go in a big way.  I'm digging on El Camino too, but this one is much better for me.

Human Again - Ingrid Michaelson
I can't remember exactly where I heard about Ingrid Michaelson, but luckily I did just before her 5th studio album, Human Again was released.  I love her voice and I love this record.  Is it just the string arrangements that appear in a few songs that get me?  Or is it the groove of "Black and Blue"?  Or is it a combination of these things mixed with her genuine, crafty songwriting and from-the-heart vocal delivery?  Yes, I'd say it's probably all of those things coming together on this record to create a perfect storm of can't-stop-listening-to-it.  Now I'm excited to look back into her catalogue and see what else is there.

The Trouble With Success or How You Fit Into the World - Paula Kelley
Sure, this record is nine years old, but I only got it a few weeks ago so therefore it still qualifies a "new".  As you know (because I won't shut up about her), I found Paula Kelley via an Aaron Tap tweet and was instantly drawn to her voice, which led me to fall completely in love with the arrangements behind the vocals.  I've listened to Airports - EP about a million times and finally decided to expand my collection and get a new PK record.  When I bought it, I had to pick between Nothing/Everything and this one and I think I picked right (well, I guess I did...I let you know after I get Nothing/Everything - which will be soon because I ordered it last night).  The Trouble With Success is a showcase of all the wonderful things about Paula Kelley...her voice, her interesting and intelligent songwriting and her wicked good arrangements.  Just buy it.

Love Is Another Drug - Jesse Macht
I just discussed this one here.  And I was right - it's awesome.  He is awesome.  Just go buy everything he has recorded, you won't regret it.

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