Monday, March 5, 2012

New Music Monday

I only have one legitimately new song for you, but I have five legitimately awesome songs for you, so it seems like a fair trade.  All of these are relatively new to me, as in I've come to own them recently, so by my broad definition of "new music", they qualify.

"Relapse" - Betty Goo
This song is from their album Superchthonic.  I just got that one in the mail this past Wednesday but I already know all the words to this song (and two others) because I can't stop listening to it.  Have you ever heard a song that literally made your heart ache from the very first listen?  Like, the first time you hear the lyrics and the delivery, it just slices right through you?  That's this song for me.  I kind of hope, for your sake, that it doesn't strike you that way.  But either way, it's a great song.

"Another Relapse" - Betty Goo
From Gooicide, this is another one that got in immediately.  Well, as I'm sure you know by now, this entire album infected my brain pretty instantly, but this song stands out.  No wait, that's not really right - there are a lot of standouts - I just picked this one because it fits so nicely with my first choice up there and it causes a lot of that same feeling of a literal ache.  The difference is that "Another Relapse" has some loud parts that are less brooding and more cathartic and singing it in the car just feels so ridiculously good.

"X-Large" - Boy Wonder
I got this album, Break the Spell, Etc. Thursday night and I loved the shit out of this song immediately. You know how fond I am of Paula Kelley and Aaron Tap's work, but when the lyrics were written by him and the music was written by her and the song is a duet??  Are you fucking kidding me?  It doesn't get any better than that.  The juxtaposition between the dark tale of a relationship gone to hell in a hand basket and the fast-paced music is pretty sweet.  Also, it gave me a fun new goal which is to learn the words (you'll know what I mean when you hear it) and I'm getting there.  I know what they're saying, just haven't been able to quite keep up for the whole song. 

"These Days" - Dr. Dog
I haven't listened to this one enough to have any profound (HA!) insight, but I do know that I dig it.  It's one of those songs that has a little of this, a little of that, a little piano, a little something I can't identify, but what really draws me to it is the vocal.  Somehow it is face-paced and kind of sleepy at the same time.  He sounds like the most laid back person on earth, I love it.  By the way, this is from their latest release Be The Void (so see?  Pretty new!).

"Thickfreakness" - The Black Keys
I told my husband that I had been so fixated on the same couple artists lately (like he didn't already know that) that I was lacking in variety for this post.  He suggested this song off the album by the same name.  And he offered to tell me what it sounds like.  Here's what I got from him: "It makes you feel like you should be in some sweaty bar in New Orleans with some hot Creole girl [and I think I know the one he means] grinding on you.  The cover art of that album says everything you need to know about that song."  So I'm listening to it right now and you know what?  He's not wrong.  Hell, it makes me want to be in a sweaty bar in New Orleans with some hot Creole girl grinding on me!  Just in case you don't know, here's the cover art he's referring to:
So Perfectly Nasty

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