Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sometimes It Just Can't Wait

I had my plan for next Monday all worked out, I had the play list made and on my iPod - I was determined to get back to the origin of New Music Monday and only have honestly new music.  Not necessarily new chronologically speaking, but by artists that are new to me.  In other words, not stuff written or produced by artists I've rambled on about at length, no guitar or backing vocals by anyone I may have already mentioned 500 million times.  See?  I had good intentions.

Then out of the blue (or perhaps not so much) these guys popped up on my radar.  Jon Palmer and the New Complainers.  Who are they?  I dig the name, so on that alone I decided to check them out.  The first one I listened to was "5 O'Clock" and it has horns!  Which is kind of different, you know?  And I love things that are different in a good way.  Then I listened to "Radio" which has such an infectious groove, I'm not ashamed to say I've listened to it about 10 times in a row this morning.  Plus the clever little line "all's fair in love and war, I'm just not sure, which this is" hooked me.

So then I get to googling to find out more about these guys and lo and behold, but who do I find is associated with this band??  None other than Ryan Schmidt.  Holy shit.  At least I liked their music before I found that out, so it wasn't because I was biased (as I might tend to be). 

It doesn't matter about New Music Monday though, because I'm digging this song (I just have the one on my iPod right now, which in hindsight was a mistake) so much that I just couldn't keep it to myself that long.  Also, apparently they're in the process of recording an album as we speak.  I don't mean to rush the creative process or anything, but the world definitely needs more of this:

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