Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why So Positive?

I've been asked on a couple of occasions why I don't write more about things I don't like.  Why this blog is just all syrupy goodness about the music and artists that I adore.  Well, I have written a couple posts about less-than-awesome songs (although it's early in the morning and I don't feel like digging them up right now...just trust me, they're there) but things I don't care to listen to don't exactly inspire me to write about them.  Call me crazy, but I don't necessarily think it's fair to devote an entire post to the statement "I just don't like it." 

Believe me, there is a crap ton of stuff out there that I dislike.  My husband knows what pretty much all of it is...poor guy.  But I wouldn't feel right about ripping someone to shreds on here, even if no one ever read it, without listening to the music a number of times and developing specific examples of what I dislike. But obviously if I don't like it, I'm not going to waste my time studying it.  The only place you're likely to find things that rubbed me the wrong way is on New Music Monday because I purposely don't listen to those songs very many times before I write about them so I can give an accurate first impression, so usually I hang in there and stick with my Monday plan even if the music is Ick.  Occasionally I come across something for New Music Monday, or just in general, that I find so distasteful that I just skip it and move on.  Other times it's so bad that I have to mention it, kind of as a public service announcement.

They say that we know within like 11 seconds of our first meeting whether or not we'd have sex with someone.  Oddly enough, music isn't always that quick, at least not for me.  Sometimes it takes a few spins to know if something is really good.  I understand that.  I'm not usually super-quick to dismiss anything, but I know if something doesn't inspire me (Adele) or if it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth (Coldplay, Taylor Swift).

I like to use this platform more to pimp out things that are new to me that I think other people might enjoy.  In that search I have been fortunate enough to find some artists that just really yank my chain that I probably would not have found if not for this blog.  Wanting to discover new things and feeling motivated to write about them keeps me from getting stuck in musical ruts like I used to.  (Seriously, I went for, oh, easily 2 or 3 years and listened to the same 3 bands...almost exclusively.  That's not healthy)  Or sometimes things that are old to me but I just really love and want to make sure other people have heard them.  No one pays me to do this (sadly), so I have to be really inspired to ramble on as much as I do. However, when someone starts writing me a check and tells me to write about Justin Beiber...well, honestly, I'll quit that job and find one where they at least want to hear about my issues with Bon Iver.

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