Thursday, September 22, 2011

Foo Fighters "Wasting Light"

Album: Wasting Light
Artist: Foo Fighters
Release: April 12, 2011

I finally got around to listening to this album all the way through.  My first impression was, "this is awesome".  By now, everyone knows that "Wasting Light" was recorded in Dave Grohl's garage (which, something tells me isn't exactly the same as my garage), but what's really amazing about it is that it lives up to the hype.  It really sounds like actual humans playing actual instruments and like a real guy singing.  It doesn't feel like there is a lot of trickery going on when you listen to this one.  You really believe that if you saw them perform it live, it would sound just like this (and I hope that's true). 

This record gives you that feeling you had when you were 17, sprawled on a worn out couch with broken springs listening to that guy you like rehearse with his band (is that just me?).  Only, this time the guy you like is Dave Grohl and he and his friends are genuinely (and unbelievably) talented and the music fucking rocks.

I think this record sounds like it was fun for them to make, and that's important.  It doesn't feel forced or contrived, just natural and flowing.  It is full of familiar Foo Fighters sounds, but somehow they have been made better.  The warm growl of Dave's voice shines on the slower tracks and the fierce screamers. They brought in some outside talent on this one including Krist Novoselic (you know, that tall guy that was in that other band with Dave Grohl) who lends his mad bass (and apparently accordion) skills to 'I Should Have Known'.

You don't have to be a die hard Foo Fighters fan to appreciate this album.  It's basically just 48 minutes of good old rock (or, Rock & Grohl, if you like) played by amazing musicians.  I look forward to it blending into my play lists and making it's home there.

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