Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Grand Plan

So, since I've been tweaking on Matt Nathanson records for the past month or so like a meth addict taking apart a radio, I've decided to formulate a plan for this blog (that does not include every single entry being about his songs).  Well, a near-future plan...nothing far reaching or earth shattering.  I'm going to lay down some groundwork - the albums that have gotten me where I am today.  The stuff I listened to as a kid and, generally, still listen to today.  I'm a child of grunge rock, so expect a lot of that for the next little bit.  Basically, I just want to let you know where I'm coming from, then I'll get around to the newer stuff (new to me, at least) and when I discover new things, I'll take you on that journey too.

These will be records that I don't really even have to listen to again to be able to discuss - they are just part of the playlist in my brain.  So come along with me on this little trip down memory lane.

Next up: "Blind Melon" by Blind Melon...a record that was perhaps more imporant to me than to anyone else in the world.

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