Thursday, November 24, 2011

Evil Sampling - Gone Right!

I hate sampling.  For years, there hasn't been a good song out there that contained any amount of sampling.  If you want to cover a song, cover the damn thing, don't butcher it.  Don't pick it apart and turn it into something it was never supposed to be. 

Unless, evidently, you're Train.  Apparently if you're Train, you can pick apart a classic, a song I love, and rearrange it and put it back together Frankenstein-style and still not make me hate you.  In fact, I might even like it a little bit, in spite of myself.  (or, in spite of "my elf" as I typed it 4 times before getting the s in there).

You see, on their latest album "Save Me, San Francisco", which we all know I'm not in love with, they sampled/covered a great song.  When I first heard the intro to this song, I actually paused it.  I was so scared of how bad it was going to suck and how mad it was going to make me that I had to take a minute to forgive Train their trespasses.  However...check it:

It doesn't suck at all!  Sure, it's no Doobie Brothers, but Pat sings the hell out of it.  In fact, I like what they've done with 'Black Water' better than I like the original parts of the song.  Go figure.

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